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Company name : SARL Le Gai Pinson

Intra-Community VAT No.: FR 6752 2852 490

Persons responsible for the publication: Mr and Mrs François CLERC

Address: 1465, Route blanche - 39220 LES ROUSSES.

Phone : 03 84 60 02 15

Design and Realization: JBW -





The general terms and conditions of sale and the special terms and conditions form an integral part of the sales contract and whose global acceptance is obligatory before the conclusion of the sale. The reservation request entails adherence to the present terms and conditions of sale and full and unreserved acceptance of their provisions.

In particular, the customer is reminded that in accordance with articles L 121 - 21 -8 12em and L 121 -20-4 of the Consumer Code, he does not have the right of withdrawal provided for in articles L 121621 and L 121-20 of the Consumer Code.

Thus, the payments made at the time of booking (30% deposit) validate the acceptance of the contractual proposals and are therefore not refundable in the event of subsequent cancellation.



The present general terms and conditions of sale apply to sales transactions concluded by the Management of the establishment with individual customers. Sales transactions concluded between approved central booking offices and individual customers may have specific special terms and conditions, in which case these specific special terms and conditions shall apply.



All customers acknowledge that they have the capacity to contract, i.e. that they are of legal age and are not under guardianship or trusteeship.


3 ) PRICES :

Prices are indicated in euros, VAT is always included. The prices indicated only include the services strictly mentioned in the reservation.

Additional services provided by the hotel owner during the stay will be added to the prices mentioned in the reservation. (tourist tax, drinks, additional services requested).

The applicable prices are those in force on the day of the reservation. The prices can vary according to the central reservation offices, only the price indicated in the confirmation of reservation is contractual.



- The payment of the deposit at the time of the direct reservation to the hotel is made by credit card only, the card must have a validity date after the date of stay. The 16 numbers of the card as well as the date of validity will be requested.

The pictogram on the back of the card is not requested, for the safety of the customer.

- The payment of the stay on the internet at the time of booking is made by secure payment.

- The balance of the stay is paid to the hotel upon presentation of the invoice, by credit card, cash, ANCV holiday vouchers or bank cheque under conditions.

The payment of the stays:

For one night:

For one night not reserved in advance, payment of the totality of the service before the handing-over of the keys, by bank card or payment by cheque ANCV.

In cash: an identity document will be asked for.

For a stay of more than one night:

Payment of deposit by credit card (30 % of the amount of the stay)



Accommodation prices vary depending on the time of year.


The estimate of the desired stay is obtained either

1) on the official website of the establishment after indication of the dates chosen, the number of people and the chosen formula (room, breakfast, dinner, lunch). VERIFY AVAILABILITY then RESERVE or REQUEST

2) on request on the website in CONTACT/ MESSAGE specifying the dates Arrival Departure, Number of persons, Age of children, Formula chosen: Half board or Room and breakfast.

3) on request by email specifying the dates of arrival and departure as well as the number of people, the age of the children and the formula chosen (Half board or Room and breakfast.)

4) on request by telephone 03 84 60 02 15 during reception opening hours or by post at : Hôtel Le Gai Pinson 1465 route Blanche 39220 LES ROUSSES specifying the dates of arrivals and departures as well as the number of people, the age of the children and the chosen formula (Half-board or Room and Breakfast).

5) on the websites of the approved reservation centers, the rates in force are those applied at the time of the request made.


Per night and per person over 18 years old : 1,65€.

PENSION AND HALF-PENSION: Prices vary according to the age of the children and the number of people in the room.

Half board includes the room, dinner and breakfast. Excluding drinks, per person and per day.

Full board includes the room, lunch, dinner and breakfast. Excluding drinks, per person and per day.

From the 3rd person in the same room, unless otherwise indicated on the central booking office, reduction of :

- 25 % per additional adult.

- 30 % for children under 12 years old.

- 50 % for children under 5 years of age.


Buffet breakfast: 12 € per person.

Discount for juniors under 12 years - 25%.

For juniors under 5 years of age: - 50%.


Free welcome in the room for children under 2 years old, with your umbrella bed, breakfast offered.

Cot available and on reservation: 10 € per night.

Small dog 10 € per night. 1 dog per room

Closed car garage: 10 euros /night/car according to availability on reservation. The reserved garage will be obligatorily charged for the number of days reserved in advance.

Closed garage for motorbikes and bicycles: free of charge.




The internal rules of the establishment must be respected. In particular, the customer undertakes to respect the good rules of collective life, the staff of the establishment, the equipment made available to him as well as the rules of access and movement in the establishment. He notes in particular the following points:



Reception: Open from 8 am to 2.30 pm and from 5 pm to 9 pm.

Taking the keys: from 5 p.m. onwards.

Arrival after 8 p.m. : please inform the reception. No permanence after 9 p.m.

Emergency number: 0384600215 or 0659502920

Departure: Please pay the bill the day before departure.

- USE OF COMMON SPACES (restaurant, bar, lounge...)

The common areas are accessible during customer opening hours.

In particular, the establishment does not provide specific bar services after the evening restaurant service. These areas therefore close at the end of the evening service, at the latest at 10.30 pm.

- FREE WIFI : ask for the code at the reception desk.

- NON-SMOKING ESTABLISHMENT: Smoking areas are available outside. Smoking is not permitted inside the establishment.

- FIRE ALARM: The establishment complies with fire regulations and has the appropriate sensors (smoke and heat). Any prohibited behaviour (cigarette smoke, dismantling of the detection installations or covering of the sensor, cooking in the rooms) that results in the alarm being triggered will be punished. A flat fee of 100 euros will be due and charged for cleaning up any nuisance caused by smoking or cooking, which is prohibited in the rooms. The Management also reserves the right to exclude a guest who would have triggered the alarm by smoking in the room or in the corridor of the hotel.


Closed and free garage for motorbikes and bicycles.

Closed garage for cars: upon reservation and subject to availability.

The Management declines all responsibility in the event of theft or damage to equipment.

Moreover, any equipment stored in this closed place must be the subject of a declaration specifying the nature and value of this equipment as well as the storage conditions. The management reserves the right to refuse storage or to make additional arrangements.

The establishment has a free, open-air car park.

Free communal public outdoor car parks are available for our customers along the traffic routes.


A personal lockable safe is available to guests in the rooms. This closed space allows the storage of personal documents.

However, the Management declines all responsibility in the event of theft or damage to objects in this area or in the rooms.

No guarantee or insurance is provided by the establishment, no recourse is possible. Each guest remains responsible for his or her belongings.

Furthermore, we do not accept the taking in charge or the guarding of valuables.


Due to numerous omissions of personal effects, the return of an object by Colissimo is charged 15 €.

This is a fixed price which includes the service provided by the hotel for the postal procedures.


Forgetting a larger piece of luggage: reshipment on postal estimate.

Forgotten items are not kept for more than 15 days.

- FORGOTTEN RETURN OF THE ROOM KEY: 4 euros will be charged.



The customer has obtained and validated the estimate of the desired stay (date of arrival, date of departure, configuration of the accommodation).

See n°5 price conditions.

7.1 ) Direct reservations with the hotel:

The customer validates the sales contract by paying the deposit. ( 30 % of the amount of the stay.)

The customer receives a confirmation of the stay by mail or by post.

This stay is then not modifiable and the deposit is not refundable in case of cancellation.

7.2 ) Reservation on the internet:

official website of the establishment:

The customer validates the sales contract by giving his bank details for the secure payment of the deposit (30% of the stay).

This stay is not modifiable and the deposit is not refundable in case of cancellation.

site of the approved central booking offices:

the customer validates the sales contract according to the particular conditions proposed and accepted. The mentioned conditions apply.



8.1) Cancellation of a holiday, generalities:

Cancellations must be made in writing (on paper or by e-mail), stating the dates and characteristics of the holiday ordered.

-In all the cases of cancellation listed below, a fixed sum of 20 euros for administration costs is deemed to have been paid by the hotelier and will be deducted or not returned to the client.

- If the client does not show up and has not cancelled his/her stay: the stay (package booked) is due and charged in full.

8.2) Cancellation of a stay, all year round, whatever its duration:

 - Cancellation at the latest 28 days (4 weeks) before the arrival date: The sums paid (deposit) are due and non-refundable.

 - Cancellation less than 28 days (4 weeks) before the date of arrival or no-show on the day of arrival: the stay booked is due and charged in full.

Any stay started and postponed by the client is due in full.

8.3 ) Cancellation with reasons:

In the case of a cancellation related to an event (health, major impediment...) covered by a cancellation insurance integrated in the means of payment of the deposit or the stay (credit card etc...).

The hotelier will provide on request of the customer an invoice with the sums paid at the time of booking.

However, the hotel invites the customer to check the conditions of application of this insurance directly with his bank.

8.4) Event dates :

For specified dates (events, races etc...) special booking conditions may provide for specific cancellation conditions which will be recalled and accepted at the time of booking.

These special conditions apply for these periods.

8.5) Cancellation of a stay ordered from approved central reservation offices:

the specific cancellation conditions proposed and accepted apply.


8.6) Cancellation related to the context of COVID 19 from July 01, 2020 until further notice :

8.6.1) Impossibility to carry out the stay by the client :

In the event, and only in the case of confinement of the client's region or our region following government measures (Prefectoral Order) making it impossible for the client to carry out the stay, the stay is cancelled and the sums paid by the client are fully reimbursed without compensation or additional obligations.

8.6.2) Closure of the host establishment :

In the event of closure of the host establishment following government measures or following a contextual decision by the management of the establishment, stays may be cancelled within the deadlines of the government measures or at the latest 1 week (7 days) before the date of the start of the stay. The sums paid by the client will be reimbursed to the client, without any other compensation, relocation or other obligation, or additional justification from the establishment.


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